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The Children's Party Specialists
Go to Kids (4-11)

Kids (4-11)

Kids Birthdays, Christenings or seasonal celebrations. 2 hours non-stop action packed party, filled with fun, games, balloon animals, dance and music.

Go to Teens (12-16)

Teens (12-16)

Creating the perfect party atmosphere with lights, effects, icebreaker games and the latest floorfillers mixed with their favourite requests.

Go to School Proms

School Proms

The one stop prom shop! from Primary to High School Proms & Parties the service is customized to accommodate for the age group, venue and format.

Go to 20% Off (Weekday)

20% Off (Weekday)

20% discount on all 2 hour after-school parties. These parties are super popular and are booked on a first come, first served basis. (Term time only)

For a stress-free children's party from beginning to end.

Lasting Impressions, Memorable Moments

The stress of organising a party or special occasion is one thing, add the hassle of invites, cakes, decorations and not forgetting the 20+ screaming, shouting and tearaway little cherubs, entertainment is often a last minute choice.

Having been in the industry since 1998 I know that Children's Entertainment Agency fees can be a little expensive, not to forget that most will refer bookings to local DJ's who may have very little experience of working with Children.

As a certified professional children's entertainer I believe that each and every child's party should be a special occasion, regardless of age, kids are kids, they need interactive fun, games and entertainment...From Party dancing, musical chairs, kids competitions and balloon sculptures the purpose of an entertainer is to engage with their audience and create a lasting memory.

So here's the deal, all you have to do is provide the food and cake and let me do the rest. A guaranteed hassle free children's entertainment service from start to finish, meaning mums and dads can sit back, relax and enjoy the fun!


Man behind the smile

Craig's career developed from his early days as a Butlins Red Coat entertainer. Establishing himself with British Holidays and Airtours as entertainment's manager and children's training instructor. Craig has hosted and presented countless hours of live family entertainment and games throughout the UK and Overseas.

His energy and enthusiasm combined with his early passion for music and entertainment paved the way to becoming a mobile DJ that catered for all ages and occasions throughout 100's of venues in the Midlands region. In 1998 Craig gained recognition as the #1 Children's entertainer with www.rainbowfaces.co.uk for his outstanding services to Children's entertainment.

As his professional DJ career developed his opportunities expanded, and it wasn't long before he was jet setting to play and entertain in some of the biggest venues in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand.

After a short sabbatical Craig returned to his passion for children's live entertainment and juggles his time between fatherhood with what he does best...#1 children's entertainer!

Craig Vincent

DJ & Entertainer
Owner of mykidsdisco.com, Craig is also a very proud daddy.

We didn't realise we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun

Please feel free to call, text, email or simply complete this contact form. Don’t forget to leave as much information as possible, including the age of the children, date of the party and the location of the venue. Thank you for your time.